Robin Truelove Stronk DVM

Vet Noir
It's not the Pets - it's the People Who Make Me Crazy

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 978-1-4401-9735-2   (SC ISBN)

If not for black humor there might be no humor at all. Vet Noir relies on the universal antidote.

Veterinary clients expect too much... listen too little...
arrive too late....
and sometimes
just faint.
Dr. Stronk,with an entertaining style, finds the most daunting facet of veterinary medical practice is dealing with the emotional needs of the human animal for which she received no preparation. She finds people to be kind beyond measure, awesomely dedicated and splendidly appreciative - mostly when they are not being quirky, infuriating and sometimes behaving in an inexplicable fashion. James Herriot never said there would be days like this.

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